Humberto Tan has been caught on the nudist beach of Castricum. He was lying there right next to Toni Peroni, a fellow celebrity. “Yes, fifty meters further I saw someone lying there. That happened to be Humberto.”

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    Eva Jinek had an item about nude recreation in her talk show yesterday. She had, among others, two celebrities sitting at the table who like to be found naked in nature, namely Toni Peroni and Koert-Jan de Bruijn. According to the gentlemen, it is wonderful to swim naked or walk across the campsite.

    Humberto on nudist beach

    Toni also likes to do that in our own country. “I was in Castricum yesterday and I was the only one lying naked on the beach. Yes, fifty meters further I saw someone lying there. That happened to be Humberto. He waved for a while, he was lying there too.”

    Hostess Eva surprised: “On the nudist beach?”

    Toni: “It was also on the nudist beach.”

    Eva: “You have news! This is news! Stop the presses! What are you saying?”

    Toni: “Yeah, okay, that’s the only one that was there.”

    Eva, presumably pointing to Humberto’s turbulent private life: “I don’t know if he likes you telling this, but okay.”

    No pictures

    Koert-Jan states that nude recreation is very safe for celebrities, because no photos are taken on nude campsites. “No pictures are taken. At least no other people in the photo. Then I am talking about campsites.”

    Eva: “The ideal place for celebrities? You will not be photographed.’

    Koert-Jan: “Well, in a way maybe. It actually gives me some peace of mind.”

    Eva undressed

    Toni thinks Eva should give it a try too. “Eva, if you ever take your clothes off, you’re never going to put them back on. I’ll give you the address in a minute!”

    Koert-Jan: “You hear that very often. That is my experience.”

    Eva says she has swam naked before.


    Humberto undressed: