Huge delays in the morning rush hour due to accidents on the A2 and A59

An accident on the A2 near Best on Tuesday morning caused a considerable delay when you wanted to go to Eindhoven. Traffic jams between Boxtel-Noord and Best-West. One lane is closed at Best. The delay increased to more than an hour around a quarter past eight.

You also have to be patient on the A59 between Den Bosch and Oss on Tuesday morning due to an accident. In the direction of Oss, the delay increased to three quarters of an hour around a quarter past eight. It gets stuck between Kruisstraat and Oss. The accident happened around eight o’clock.

Just before half past seven, problems also arose on the A58 between Moergestel and Oirschot. An accident happened there too. At the height of the traffic jam, this caused a delay of about fifty minutes in the direction of Eindhoven. Around half past eight you still have to take into account a delay of about half an hour.