In the past, switching from an iPhone to an Android smartphone was only possible with the help of dubious payment apps. But now Google itself offers options that make the move easy and safe.

    Today, Google’s Android is the most widely used mobile operating system in the world. There are many good reasons to move from an iPhone to an Android smartphone – but switching between the two systems deters many users. TECHBOOK explains how the transition works with the right relocation helpers.

    This is how the switch from iPhone to Android smartphone works

    There are several ways to transfer personal files, data and settings from iPhone to new Android smartphone. A requirement is to log in with the Google account on the iPhone before the move.

    Here you can see in the video how the change works best:

    Method 1: Direct connection by cable

    Arguably the easiest way to migrate to an Android smartphone is to transfer from iPhone via cable. All you have to do is select when setting up the new device that you want to take data from an old device with you. Then simply connect the cable, select the desired options for the move, done.

    Method 2: Switch to Android app

    If there is no cable, the transmission also works via WiFi connection. To do this, you must enter the “Switch to AndroidInstall the app on the iPhone. When setting up the new Android smartphone, a QR code appears that you have to scan with the app on the iPhone. This will create a WiFi connection. The app then lets you select the data to be transferred. It also advises you to turn off iMessage and even helps to transfer pictures and videos from iCloud to the new smartphone.

    Method 3: Move with Google One

    The app Google One handles the entire move via the Google account. To do this, you need to download the app from the App Store and sign in with your Google account. Back up your data through the app and wait for the process to complete. Don’t forget to turn off iMessage or you may not receive SMS on the new device. If you now log in to the Android smartphone with the same Google account, the backup of your data will be restored automatically.

    Android devices often have migration assistants

    Numerous smartphone manufacturers offer free software that makes the move easier. That’s the case with Samsung, for example smart switch, a free software that can be used for all Android devices. Other manufacturers such as Sony or OnePlus have their own relocation assistants in their repertoire, which also help to make the switch easier. When setting up, it is often possible to connect the old device for data transfer.

    For data transfer via “on-the-go”, i.e. by cable from smartphone to smartphone, you should first download the respective app onto the Android device. For the connection, some smartphone manufacturers include an adapter for a USB plug. As soon as the iPhone is connected to the new smartphone and the user has agreed to the transfer to the Apple device, the transfer of the desired data begins.

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    What else to consider

    Anyone turning their backs on the Apple world should consider disabling the receipt of messages via iMessage. Otherwise it can happen that SMS do not arrive on the new phone. Users should also cancel current subscriptions on the iPhone: All active subscriptions can be viewed and canceled in the system settings under the Apple ID and “Subscriptions”.