The festive season is underway and many people face a familiar problem: their feet are stiff.

    Laila Snellman, who has spent most of her life in high heels really knows how to party in high heels. Snellman is used to high interest rates while working as a model. He is also an experienced stiletto trainer for promising young models.

    Laila Snellman is the founder and director of the Paparazzi Model Management modeling agency. Jenni Gästgivar

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    – Before, models were much more used to walking in heels than today. When the Finnish shoe designer Pertti Palmroth released a collection of only low-soled shoes in the early 80s, after the fashion show all the models had sore feet, as they were only used to high heels, recalls Snellman.

    When it comes to heels, Snellman knows what he’s talking about. Use these tips if you want to look good in high heels all night:

    1. Buy the right high heels

    According to Snellman, this is the most important tip: buy the right type of stilettos.

    – In the store, you have to take your time and test that you are really choosing shoes with a last that suits you. Many buy stilettos that are too small. If your foot is too wide for lovely Louboutins, you should forget them. It is important to test at the time of purchase that your toes are not pinched, that the heels are high enough and that the shoe is right for you, Snellman emphasizes.

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    – The wrong kind of high heels can cause long-term problems later on. The soreness can last for many hours after the party and burana is really needed, he continues.

    2. Get used to your feet little by little

    If you are not used to wearing high heels, the heels will be useless in the fire after the party. New high heels must also be worn in beforehand.

    – The most important thing is to get used to the use of high heels little by little. Heels must be worn regularly if you intend to walk in them. You can start getting used to it at home, says Snellman.

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    – Young models are instructed to get high heels as possible and to do everything at home to get used to the heels.

    3. Walking in heels to get in shape

    And how do you walk in high heels?

    – Use your abdominal muscles to maintain good balance. Back straight, shoulders back, straighten your knees and take a lofty posture, advises Snellman.

    In the video, watch top model Saimi Hoyer’s tips on how best to walk in high heels and still look good. Fan Parma

    – The knees have to be straightened when walking, because it looks really bad if you walk with stilettos with your knees bent. Likewise, if your posture is terribly bad, your interest will look bad.

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    4. A couple of pranks save the evening

    Then there are a few other gimmicks to make things easier, such as heel pads that you can buy from a cobbler.

    – And if it’s a long evening ahead, take a pair of flat ballerinas as a change of shoes. Hollywood stars also change their 12-cent heels later in the evening to comfortable, low shoes, Snellman explains.

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    The story is the latest, the original published in November 2021.