Hovocubo has to face Tigers again for a spot in the final national title

A decision game must decide who can play the final for the national championship against FC Eindhoven. The futsal players of Hovocubo lost against Tigers Roermond (2-4) on Friday evening.

The futsal club from Zwaag had taken a big step towards the final for the national title last Friday. With the win (4-3) against Tigers, another victory was enough for a spot in the final. The national champion failed to do that on Friday, partly due to two late hits from the visitors from Roermond. The last game is Sunday in Zwaag, kick-off is at 4 p.m.

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The opponent in the eventual final is already known. Lebo could not force a decision duel against FC Eindhoven. The team from Brabant won the second play-off 5-3 and that was enough after the earlier 5-4 win. The final matches are scheduled from June 17.