Residents of Toolenburg did the police a great service last night by first reporting a suspected burglary to the Assumburg and then bringing officers on the trail of the suspects who had fled. The police suspect that the three men targeted a cannabis plantation in the house in question.

    Arrest after attempted rip deal Hoofddorp – Bosch

    When local residents hear striking noises from the garden of a nearby house around 3.45 am and then see three men standing on the balcony, they sound the alarm with the police. He immediately springs into action: not only is a police dog deployed, the police helicopter and motorcycle officers are also sent to the Toolenburg district.


    A search is underway based on evidence from witnesses. Finally, the nose of the police dog DHBiggy leads the officers to one of the suspects, who is hiding in a backyard, writes the Police Dog Unit North Holland.

    Not much later, a second suspect was spotted from the police helicopter, who was arrested not much later. According to witnesses, the third suspect was found in a parked car on Giessenburg, but the police cannot confirm this.

    “We thought it was such a noise last night”


    The three men – Bulgarians aged 32, 33 and 39 – were arrested and taken to the station for questioning. Police also seized three cars.

    Rip deal

    Because a cannabis farm was operating at the address where the burglary took place, the police believe that the men chose the address deliberately. It is suspected that the suspects wanted to steal the drugs present, which is also called a rip deal.

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    Police dog DHBiggy detects suspicious attempt at rip deal in backyard – Bosch

    The search and arrests have not gone unnoticed. Many residents of Toolenburg say on social media that they have heard the police helicopter or the engines.

    “We thought it was such a noise last night”, a woman responds on Facebook on a photo series of the events. All in all, the police helicopter hovered over Hoofddorp for about 45 minutes. The cannabis plantation found will be removed today.


    Earlier this weekend, a 29-year-old Amsterdammer was already arrested for a burglary at the Dennenlaan in Zwanenburg, bringing the number of arrested suspected home burglars last weekend to four. And ‘you can count on this giving the office euphoria’, tweets community police officer Johan Dubbeldam.