Hollywood end for Brad Pitt?

By Alexander Frederick

Does he leave the big stage?

Brad Pitt (59) is not only one of the greatest actors in Hollywood, but also one of the most influential string pullers behind the camera. The superstar is considered the top producer in the industry.

Some might not even be aware of how many films Pitt has already been responsible for. Even the ones in which he is not to be seen at all. For example “Blonde” (2022) with Ana de Armas on Netflix or the Oscar-winning “12 Years A Slave” (2014), in which Pitt only has a mini-role, but which he produced.

As well as 60 other films, including “Minari”, “The Departed” (Best Oscar Picture 2006) and “Moonlight” (Best Picture 2017). There have already been five PGA Awards from the renowned producers’ guild in Hollywood.

But this success story could end now…

Hollywood end for Brad Pitt?

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston at the premiere of Troy (2004), their first co-produced major film at Plan B

Photo: picture alliance / abaca | Gorassini-Hahn-Nebinger/ABACA

Because Pitt sells his beloved production company Plan B and with it perhaps his most important company. co-founder? His ex-wife Jennifer Aniston (53).

60 percent of the company should now go to the French media group Mediawan, like the news site CNBC reported based on insider information. Most recently, Pitt was the sole owner. The deal is expected to bring him several hundred million dollars, but no more than half a billion, insiders estimate.

So what does this mean for Brad Pitt’s career?

A source told the US portal “PageSix“Brad has decided that he wants a peaceful life and has decided what ‘semi-retirement’ will look like for him.”

Called: Pitt is probably hanging up the producer job for good! And thus possibly ends his secret TRUE career as a big name in the film business. But if you can’t get enough of the former “Thelma & Louise” hottie on the screen, you can breathe easy: Pitt should continue to work as an actor. As the inside source says, that’s the only job Brad wants to do in the future.

Pitt is in theaters January 13th in the new film Babylon.