Johan Motini’s previous disciplinary history increased the punishment.

    Aatu Jämsen was left holding his head after Johan Motini’s tackle. Matti Raivio / AOP

    SM league discipline announced late on Thursday that HIFK’s defender Johan Motin is suspended for nine games for his tackle against the Pelicans on Wednesday.

    Motin tackled you Aatu Jämsen in the second batch, from a slant to a straight end. Jämsen’s helmet came off from the force of the tackle. Motin got kicked out for his act. Jämsen returned to the rink after the main hit.

    The discipline stated that Motini had plenty of time to consider how to play the situation before the tackle. The tackle aimed at the head could have been avoided with a different timing or direction of the tackle.

    The Swedish defender was not considered to have raised the tackle in the situation, as his arms were attached to his body. Motin had said in his statement that Jämsen had changed his playing position to a lower position at the last moment.

    Disciplinary stated that there was a slight change in playing position in the situation, but it was not relevant to the occurrence of the main contact. It was more Jämsen’s reaction to the upcoming tackle, as he protected himself with his hands.

    – Based on the league guidelines, a clear Tackle to the head is assessed as a five-game suspension, the release states.

    The cake was increased to nine matches, as Motini has a previous disciplinary history from the League. The HIFK defender was banned for five games in the second season and four games last season for his tackles.

    Motin can next step on the ice after the epiphany in the KalPa match.