Heating your house with a flower pot heater is nonsense (and dangerous) | daily overview thursday 6 october

Ideas are popping up everywhere not to have to turn on the central heating, now that gas costs a lot of money. Unfortunately, they often don’t work, or even have the opposite effect. That and more in today’s news that you (might have) missed.

Flowerpot stove, a thick sweater or blue-mouthed?

Now that gas is so expensive, it is not surprising that alternatives are eagerly sought. But alas: not anything that seems smart , is that real. This does work: a degree lower, a thick sweater, and infrared.

Today we also calculate how much power an average built-in oven consumes per year (and what that costs you). See the result here.

Fast internet not so fast

The ‘wireless radio connections’ from supplier Rodin do not meet the standard of the province of Groningen. People in the countryside was fast internet promised but those speeds (100 mbps) are nowhere near achieved.

More news from Groningen can be found here . Read why the famous snack bar De Paardeschuur unfortunately has to close its doors.

A murder in Twente and a supermarket in Hoogeveen

A supermarket in the Weide shopping center in Hoogeveen is closed until Saturday. The Enschedeer Jihad Jafo was murdered, presumably because he was involved in a drug transport. To have something those two things together to make?

The latest news from Drenthe you read here. It new stadium of FC Emmen has come one step closer.

A dance group from Groningen in Mumbai

With the new performance Fortune, dance company Club Guy & Roni is looking for the answer to the question of what fortune actually is. A travel to Mumbai in search of the answer turned the plan for the show completely upside down.

More stories and backgrounds? Our culture page is full of it. You will also find there today the new episode of our culture podcast Honored Audience.

To the Alps this winter? You are probably a little less warm

Ski Resorts in the Alps open the box of tricks to keep the snow fun affordable. From slower lifts to narrower slopes, and from dim lights to switched off seat heating; everything to reduce costs for the tourist.

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More in the news

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A black horse with a black foal in a lovely Groningen landscape. But who is the painter? Douwe van der Heide or Ben Walrecht? The first yields a few hundred euros, the other can yield thousands of euros. An anonymous art lover smells danger.

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