Civil investigators from the K44 arrest a suspect on the Warsaw Bridge

    Civilian investigators from the K 44 on a mission last year on the Warsaw Bridge Photo: Ralf Gunther

    By Axel Lier

    A pair of thieves break into an apartment on Hobrechtstrasse in Neukölln and steal jewelry, electronics and AirPods headphones. The victim can locate them almost to the meter – the police take up the chase.

    The two Algerians travel by subway and suburban train. The officers follow the location signal in a patrol car. With them in the car: the man desperately hoping to get his jewellery, iPad, backpack and headphones back.

    7.05 p.m., Alexanderplatz. The signal can be clearly seen on the mobile phone. Civilian investigators from Directorate 5’s K 44 became aware of the uniformed colleagues. Brief agreement, the pursuers change, because a patrol car is far too conspicuous…

    The pair of perpetrators (both 33) sold the stolen Ipad at Hermannplatz and, for the money, treat themselves to a pair of new Nike AirMax for 230 euros at Alex. They commute through half the city – from Sonnenallee to Treptower Park.

    Always hot on their heels: the eight investigators from the operational focal point investigations. The investigators also arrested a cocaine dealer at the Sonnenallee S-Bahn station.

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    10:10 p.m., Hanne-Sobek-Platz in Gesundbrunnen. In an almost empty fast food restaurant, the two Algerians are finally quickly identified – access! The thief even has the victim’s wedding ring on his finger.

    After being treated by the police, the two are released again.


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