Johnny de Mol was spotted in the Efteling with his girlfriend and four children this afternoon. Photos from the outing can be found on two juice channels. “They are really, really grumpy. And arrogant.”

    © SBS 6

    Life is not exactly smiling on Johnny de Mol since he is accused by his ex-girlfriend of aggravated assault and attempted manslaughter. The SBS 6 presenter was forced to give up the presentation of his talk show HLF8 in the spring and he still operates mainly in the lee.

    Johnny in Efteling

    In any case, Johnny has enough free time and he used that today to visit the Efteling amusement park. The photos can currently be found at the juice channels juice channel and Reality FBI. There is not much to see on it: the presenter is standing behind a fence with a basic black T-shirt and a yellow-blue cap.

    Furthermore, Johnny looks very grumpy. “Johnny spends a day in the Efteling with his wife and in the company of four children. Or well, cozy… We can leave that out. According to our source, the two are just sitting on their phones and looking very grumpy. And that in a world full of wonders.”

    ‘They are so arrogant’

    Another Juice Channel spy then blows the whistle. “Our Johnny de Mol is not the most handy. He stayed at the Efteling hotel next door to us and upon arrival he found that it didn’t have enough. He had two rooms and had been going up and down the hall all morning.”

    Very disturbing, according to this source. “They were with four children and a woman and they don’t understand that they sometimes have to calm down for the neighbors. As soon as something was said, we got a look of: pardon. It was a bit arrogant.”

    Two towels

    Is this all? No! “The towels were all too few for him while you have two per person and can just ask for new ones. There was a very low atmosphere with them.”

    Another person says: “Whaha same story a few weeks ago in a playground in Amsterdam. Johnny was looking around all the time and looked very grumpy… At one point his son fell hard from his bike and he didn’t move a fin. His wife had to sort it out haha.”


    The stories can be viewed at the juice channels juice channel and Reality FBI. One of the spies: