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    The man, a retiree, testified before the judge that it was his friend Antonio Caba who killed Juan Miguel Isla, whose body was found on Tuesday inside a well on a farm in Valdepeñas

    “He killed it, I just helped him hide it.” Gaspar Rivera, one of the two arrested in Manzanares (Ciudad Real) for the murder of businessman Juan Miguel Islawhose body was found in a well Last Tuesday, he confessed his participation in the crime, according to what CASO ABIERTO, the investigation and events channel of Prensa Ibérica, has learned.

    The man, a 74 year old retiree A resident of Valdepeñas, a friend of the first person arrested, asked to testify on Wednesday afternoon before the judge in the case to provide details about what happened on July 22, when the victim disappeared after attending a meeting in which he had to collect 50,000 euros for the sale of a family farm. After listening to him, the case instructor sent him to prison.

    In his statement before the magistrate of court number 2 of Manzanares, Rivera accuses his friend, Antonio Caba, of killing Isla after meeting him at the farm that the Central Operative Unit of the Civil Guard searched on Thursday. He added that, after the crime, the alleged murderer asked him for help to move the body to another piece of land, owned by Caba, where they threw him into a well. Then, according to his account, Rivera got into the victim’s car, a Renault Clioand led him to a Albacete wastelandwhere investigators found it in January.

    A farm of half a million

    Lawyer of the victim’s children Javier Campos del Burgo, clarifies that “we will have to wait for the secrecy of the proceedings to be lifted to find out the details” of the confession of one of those involved. The lawyer adds that the two children de Isla are “destroyed” after they have been confirmed that the body found on the Caba farm is that of their father: “Now they are waiting for their body to be delivered to them so they can bury it.”

    When the businessman disappeared, Antonio Caba was helping him with the sale of a piece of land valued at more than half a million euros. The Civil Guard believes that something went wrong between them the day the victim was supposed to collect part of that money, which the investigators have not recovered in the records carried out so far. The degree of involvement of Rivera, a man without financial resources who used to act as a kind of messenger, of man for everything, of Caba, in their businesses, is yet to be defined.

    Blue Division Follower

    The other arrested for the crime, Antonio Caba, Up to now, he has accepted his right not to testify. His lawyer, Rodrigo Garciatransferred to the media what Caba had told him: “I I am not the author material” of the murder. In his social networks, Caba hints that he is fond of weapons (he has legal permission) and Blue Division supporterSpanish troops sent to support the Nazi army in World War II.

    Caba’s name also appears linked to the disappearance of another man, of whom nothing is known since July 19, 2019. This is Jesús María González Borrajo, a 55-year-old businessman whose trace was lost after he sold two high-end Mercedes to an acquaintance for some €28,000. In that transaction, according to the sources consulted by this outlet, Caba also acted as an intermediary, the same man who three years later would help Juan Miguel Isla to sell his family farm.