Rob Kemps finally appears at the table with the men of VI a month and a half after the media row about his sudden outbursts of anger. “That kid is just over-coached.”

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    The somewhat hysterical SBS 6 star Rob Kemps got into quite a shit storm last month. He was always known to viewers at home as a cheerful and jolly figure, but the programs RTL Boulevard and Today Inside revealed that behind the scenes the presenter is a completely different person.

    Cursing Rob

    Rob turns out to be on the line cursing and ranting on all kinds of programs when something happens that he doesn’t like. For example, he was furious when RTL Boulevard asked a question about his baby happiness and went completely crazy when he heard that René van der Gijp wanted to ridicule him in Today Inside.

    He moved heaven and earth to prevent VI from broadcasting images of his program Chansons, which he makes together with Matthijs van Nieuwkerk. Both the stars of RTL Boulevard and Shownieuws assume that Matthijs has a negative influence on Rob’s media attitude.

    Finally at VI

    To clear the air, Rob is finally sitting at the table with the men of VI tonight, namely in their program De Oranjewinter, which has now been watched by more than a million people for two nights in a row.

    Wilfred Genee in yesterday’s episode: “I have to say, I don’t know how it is for you, René, or for you, Johan, but I’m a bit nervous now. Before tomorrow. You too or not?”

    René van der Gijp: “Oh, Rob Kemps… No, he is not angry anymore.”

    Too many coaches

    Dinner guest Özcan Akyol: “Could it be that if he sometimes behaves badly, it might be because of the people around him?”

    Yes, thinks Johan Derksen: “Well, he is being coached excessively. There are all kinds of people who interfere with him and therefore you no longer know whether it is Rob Kemps or one of his coaches that you are talking to.”

    Özcan: “Yes, it could be.”

    Wilfred: “As long as he doesn’t get angry. I think it’s exciting. I hope it goes well.”

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