Trainer Geert Hinskens is in his first season with the handball players of Volendam. The only 32-year-old trainer and is anything but authoritarian. “I try to develop myself from all sides. I especially don’t think about doing everything myself, because I know everything so well,” says Hinskens.

    Because Hinskens is still quite young, he consciously asked if Gerrie Eijlers wanted to become an assistant coach in the fishing village. “He is a lot older (42 ed.) and has a lot of experience. He is now a goalkeeper trainer for the Dutch team,” says Hinskens. .

    Fixed base

    In recent years it has been a coming and going of handball players at Volendam. Something the new trainer wants to change. “That is one of the spearheads. We would also like to have one permanent group together with the board. It would be nice if you have about ten players who play at the club for a few years,” Hinskens looks ahead.

    NH Sport got a look behind the scenes at the home game against Bevo on Saturday and made the above report.