An old Instagram story reveals how Lewis Hamilton gave Nicolas a portable gaming station to keep in touch with him.

    Formula 1 fans have found an old Instagram story of Lewis Hamilton’s half-brother, in which Nicolas reveals how the 7-times world champion loves Call of Duty. It’s no secret that so many F1 drivers are fond of video games, with many of them taking their consoles with them on race weekends. Max Verstappen is a huge fan of FIFA, as well as Formula 1 games, and recently ‘complained’ about his race engineer rating in F1 Manager 22.

    Hamilton’s Gift —

    Nicolas Hamilton’s recently resurfaced story features a portable gaming station he claims was a gift from his brother Lewis. “Lewis Hamilton kindly gave me a portable gaming station,” Nicolas said, “so I can always stay in touch with him and play while I’m away from home for the races. Genius!”. Nicolas’ portable station is a bit unusual, and far less common than a gaming laptop or portable console. The ‘portable gaming rig’, as the pilot calls it, appears to be a Gaems Guardiano Pro: it’s similar to a briefcase with a monitor, and a slot for a console and controllers inside. Although the PS5 came out a year before the photo was taken, it appears Lewis has put a PS4 Slim in the setup. Probably, this is due to the size of the two consoles, with the PS4 Slim much more compact than the PlayStation 5.

    An expensive passion —

    The two can be seen playing Call of Duty Warzone, the free-to-play that was recently replaced by Warzone 2.0. At the time, several F1 drivers were seen with similar portable gaming stations. Alpha Tauri’s Yuki Tsunoda, for example, has been spotted playing Apex Legends on a similar setup. Gaming has come a long way since then, and the hope is that the two brothers are playing on a more up-to-date workstation. High-end gaming laptops can cost a lot, but these machines aren’t particularly cheap either: Hamilton spent nearly £1,000 on them. The more budget-friendly option might be Steam Deck, which can run most titles in Steam’s extensive library and starts at €419. Frame rates may be lower than on your home PC, but most of the games available today run smoothly on them.

    Written by Georgina Young for GLHF

    09 January 2023 (change on 09 January 2023 | 16:09)