Glennis Grace better prepare for the worst. 2023 will not be the year of her comeback, says medium Liesbeth van Dijk in Shownieuws. “They don’t forgive her.”

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    Liesbeth van Dijk, the most famous medium in our country and confidant of Harry Mens, was allowed in last night Show news make a number of predictions about famous Dutch people. One of these was Glennis Grace, who has been seriously discredited for aggressive misconduct in a Jumbo supermarket.

    Glenn back

    Very unfortunate for Glennis, but 2023 will not be the year of her forgiveness, says Liesbeth. “Glennis Grace… I really feel that very little is happening. It’s a little over. Unfortunately. Some people are forgiven things, but not with her.”

    She continues: “There is something about her that prevents people from forgiving her, so her career is indeed a bit over. Sisters of Soul, I don’t see it. She also goes backwards.”

    Too negative

    Private boss Evert Santegoeds thinks this is too gloomy a prediction, he tells the desk. “I think she is very negative about that. Look, Glennis has heard her sentence and is going to carry it out one of these days and we may or may not get something from that. Then she gives one more interview, I think, and then we all have to draw a line under it, I think.”

    How does he envision Glennis’ comeback? “That will depend on the management she has then and who will come up with a plan to put her back on the market.”

    Second chance

    Evert thinks Glennis deserves a second chance. “We can abolish the probation service if we all say: once in the wrong, always in the wrong. That would really go too far for me.”

    He concludes: “Glennis is of course a huge talent and even though I can’t list her hits all in a row… When I see her perform at parties and parties: she still has that voice.”