Girl (15) arrested with fake weapons at Alkmaars shopping center

A 15-year-old girl was arrested yesterday afternoon at the Alkmaar shopping center De Mare because she had two fake weapons with her. This is reported by the police.

Bystanders called the police when they saw someone walking around with an object that looked very much like a weapon.

The officers saw the girl and indeed found two fake weapons on her. Images that the community police officers later posted on social media show that the girl also pointed one of the weapons at someone else.

Weapons for party

After investigation, the girl turned out to have the weapons with her for a theme party later in the day. According to the local police officers, she could no longer go there. “Unfortunately not to the party, but in the cell of the Alkmaar police”, they write. The girl was then allowed to go home and will soon have to report to the Halt bureau.