gGeorgia Meloni he doesn’t fit: not even the time to return from Bali where he participated at the G20, who is already facing criticism and controversy, not on the political forum, but on her role as a mother. The Prime Minister was criticized for taking her 6-year-old daughter Ginevra with her. Criticisms to which the prime minister responded via social media without beating about the bush: «I have the right to be a mother as I please».

    Giorgia Meloni in Bali with her daughter

    To highlight the controversy over the presence of mother and daughter in Bali it was the same Giorgia Meloni on Facebook. Dove shared a post about what happened. «As I return home from two days of incessant work to best represent Italy at the G20 in Bali, i run into an incredible debate about whether or not it was okay to take my daughter with me while i went away for four days” he wrote.

    “I have the right to be a mother as I please”

    A debate in which the Prime Minister wanted to have his say: «The question I have to ask the leaders of this exciting discussion is: therefore do you think how my daughter should be brought up is a matter for you? Because I give you news: it’s not. I have the right to be a mother as I please and I have the right to do all I can for this nation without depriving Geneva of a mother. I hope that this answer is enough to make you deal with more relevant matters and vaguely within your competence”. A dry answer that perfectly explains Giorgia Meloni’s intention: being a mother and premier at the same time.

    Giorgia Meloni, the oath at the Quirinale: she is the first female premier in Italy

    The love for his daughter Geneva

    Giorgia Meloni with her partner, Andrea Giambruno, and her daughter Ginevra (Ipa)

    After all, it has always been clear that Ginevra, the daughter born of love with her partner Andrea Giambruno, was her priority. Shortly before the elections, she shared on her social networks the image in which she appears embraced by her daughter thanking her «for how, despite your six years, you understood and tolerated my too many absences. Thank you for the way you run up to me when I get home, and for when you say ‘Mum good luck!’. It’s all for you. I love you”.

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    Then, right after the election results, he shared a note written by the little girl, in which the little girl said she was happy with her mother’s victory. Who, as the first gift after being elected prime minister, allowed herself a day with her family.