Futsal, Italy women, encore served. Now the play-off with Portugal

Meanwhile in the men’s Serie A, Pescara’s act of force in the advance of Avellino: double Coco Wellington and 6-1 to Sandro Abate. Abruzzesi in the lead momentarily

Pietro Santercole

October 21
– Milan

Now we can finally think of Portugal. Both the Azzurre and Francesca Salvatore will be able to do it serenely, with all the enthusiasm of those who have won two Main Round matches for Euro 2023 and are ready to play, with the prediction against but without any awe, an authentic play-off for the Final Four of the continental event, scheduled for March. Of course, it will be necessary to beat the Lusitanian vice-champions of Europe (Sunday, 10 pm live streaming on the FIGC website), but in the meantime, women’s Italy gives Fafe an encore, also overwhelms Belarus, winning and convincing.

Same approach

Francesca Salvatore opts only for a change in the blue starting five, with Pomposelli for Boutimah (bruised after the stomp suffered against Slovenia). What remains the same is the approach to the encounter. The women’s Italfutsal immediately takes command of the game, makes the technical tests of that untap match goal scored by Pato Dal’Maz, the mvp for detachment. Zaiko’s saves keep Belarus on their feet, but Italy’s goal is always in the air: Belli thinks about it, before Dal’Maz’s de bis: 3-0 at rest. The blue monologue is repeated in the second half, even if there are a little too many wasted goal opportunities: you have to wait over half of the fraction to cheer. This time the wild Dal’Maz gets a penalty kick: Federica Belli makes no mistake. The pokerissimo is by Alessia Grieco, Dal’Maz closes again. Naturally. Saturday rest, Sunday the challenge against Portugal: women’s Italy has only one result available to fly to the Final Four, the victory.

Men’s Serie A

Meanwhile, in Serie A New Energy Futsal Pescara temporarily takes the top of the standings. Frane Despotovic’s team flexed its muscles in Avellino and thanks to an authentic show of strength it won 6-1 over Sandro Abate. Coco Wellington the great driver. In the second half, Italo Aurelio Rossetti and Micheletto closed the accounts early. Of Creaco the network of the Irpinia flag, Mammarella and Murilo put the exclamation point on the Abruzzo performance: it is 6-1!

BELARUS-ITALY 0-6 (0-3 pt)

BELARUS: Zaiko, Igrusha, Shatsilenia, Ahiskovtseva, Miroshnichenko, Botyanovskaya, Sidorchuk, Marozava, Vasilyeva, Tsikhavodava, Ray, Pelyovina, Buzinova, Kharitonchik. CT Kouznesov

ITALY: Sestari, Borges, Pomposelli, Adamatti, Belli, Dibiase, Coppari, Boutimah, Grieco, Mansueto, Vanelli, Bovo, Dal’Maz, Ferrara. CT Francesca Salvatore

MARKERS: 5’13 ” Dal’Maz (I), 16’08 ” Belli (I), 16’18 ” Dal’Maz (I), 31 ‘rig. Belli (I), 37’55 ” Grieco (I), 18’30 ” Dal’Maz (I)

REFEREES: El Jilali (Ned), Schaerli (Sui), Soykan (Tur)