Friends start fundraising campaign for burned ‘life’s work’ of Robert: “Everything is gone now”

Robert from Purmerend lost everything last Sunday when his camper in Germany went up in flames. He was just on vacation with his girlfriend Lianne when disaster struck. Friends of the Purmerender immediately took action to raise money for a new camper. “Great. I didn’t know about that,” Robert tells NH.

Robert’s completely burnt-out camper. – NH News

At his girlfriend Wendy’s house, Robert talks about last Sunday’s fatal fire. “We were in Germany and on our way to Denmark. After a bike ride we came back to the camper place and saw a whole crowd at the camper, which was completely burnt out. It was a nightmare.”

Everything gone

That camper is everything to Robert: it’s his house. He bought the vehicle thirteen years ago and then it was a barrel. After years of odd jobs, it became his driving palace. “In the past few months I have finished everything perfectly. The rims and the walls, the paintwork and even the cushions. Everything is gone now.”

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Robert and his girlfriend Lianne lost their motorhome on holiday in Germany. – NH News

Wendy couldn’t believe her eyes when the first photos of the burned-out camper came in via the friends app. “I thought: that’s photoshopped, because Lianne is so handy and creative.” When it turned out that it was real, she immediately wanted to take action to help her friends. “I thought, I have to do something, this is Robert’s life’s work.”

Great meaning

Together with her friend Danny, she started a fundraising campaign. “A motorhome requires 25,000 euros. That is a lot of money.” And the camper was not only of great importance to Robert. “My friend and I met there,” says Wendy, who gets a little angry and wipes away a tear. “Robert deserves a new home.”

Anyone who wants to contribute to Robert’s camper can donate through this link.

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