Francesco Totti opened up about the ups and downs of his relationship that ended.

    Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi in a joint photo at the launch of Totti’s book in 2018. PDO

    Italian football legend Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi announced their separation in July of the current year. Now Totti opens up in an interview with Corriere della Sera about why the 17-year union of the couple, who had three children together, came to a final dead end.

    According to the ex-futar, the relationship ran aground when, in the autumn of the following year, he started getting hints from trusted people in his close circle that Blasi might be cheating.

    – I looked at his phone and saw that a third person acted as a contact person for Ilary and someone else.

    The shock was made worse by the fact that he noticed that his safe had mysteriously been emptied of valuables. Totti has a clear vision of who was behind the trick.

    – He went with his father to empty the safe and took my watch collection. There were some very valuable Rolexes. He claims I gave them to him, but they are men’s watches.

    Totti says that the information about the deception led to depression, because he was already mentally tough.

    – I had lived through a difficult phase, because first I stopped playing and then my father died of corona. I also had severe Corona for 15 days. When I needed my wife the most, she wasn’t there.

    Totti, who turns 46 this month, doubts that the ex-couple will settle their affairs in court in the future, although he assures that he will still try to avoid that option.

    The player icon, who only represented AS Roma in his career, pulled the trigger at the end of the 2016-17 season. In the Italian national team, Totti won the world championship in Germany in 2006.

    On Thursday, Totti’s former home ground at Rome’s Olympic Stadium will be visited by HJK, when Daavid and Goliath of the Europa League group C will measure each other.