Pperfume of tuberose, newly blossomed rose, poppy and mint: cWith the arrival of spring, candles and fragrances for the home and the environment become more lively and sparkling, perfect for giving a new atmosphere to the house. And they can also be taken with you, in the suitcases and bags of the first weekends out of town, thanks to unusual and ingenious formats.

    Home fragrances that smell like spring

    It is undeniable that in spring we want to spend more time outdoors. Because of this, room fragrances come in handy by rediscovering their green soul.

    A house in the countryside Of Goutal evokes walks in the countryside among the wildflowers that bloom while tasting blackberries and currants. The new Lychee Rose Of Millefiori Milan invites you to discover exotic valleys entirely covered in Turkish roses, with peach, blackcurrant and a touch of pepper that gives panache and liveliness to the composition.

    With spring it’s time to change perfume for the house

    Refreshing notes such as mint, lemon and cucumber reminiscent of drinks that fight the drought of summer days are the protagonists of the new collection Art in the Park Of Yankee Candles, which recreates the atmosphere of the first days spent outdoors, between aperitifs and picnics.

    But in the air there is also the scent of clean and fresh sheets, of crisp air, of a new season full of promises: it is that of L’Armoire à Linge Of Serge Lutensa real dive into the newly rearranged linen closet, between old memories and the aroma of wood.

    Suitcase formats for room fragrances

    Not just for the home. Spring also rhymes with first courses weekend out of town and with the change of wardrobes. Thus home fragrances are reinvented with cammei in wax to melt or to leave inside the suitcasesincense with ancestral atmospheres perfect for perfuming beach houses and hotel rooms, ovals to hang in wardrobes or to place in drawers and diffusers with scented stones inside to take with you.

    It is the new frontier of home fragrances: new formats, often in a travel version like the The Alabaster Of Offcine Universelle Buly, inspired by the Greek vases used to store body oils. They consist of small elegant porous stones to be perfumed with hints of roses, verbena and bergamot. Ideal for creating the atmosphere of home wherever you are. Even on the other side of the world.

    Floral patterns, colorful French and pastel shades: spring nails

    Cotton wicks and vegan formulas, the green soul of room fragrances

    New formats but also new formulations. Candles and fragrances for the environment are becoming more and more respectful of nature.

    Wicks are often made from cotton while waxes are soy based and have eliminated all polluting and harmful components. The room sprays, on the other hand, have natural formulations, often vegan and made with respect for nature, while porous stones are the alternative to spread the scent of the new season.