The Swedish Coast Guard has found a fourth leak in the Nord Stream gas pipelines. That reports a spokesperson for this service to the Swedish newspapers on Thursday Svenska Dagbladet and aftonbladet. The fourth leak, according to aftonbladet come from the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Seismologist Björn Lund says to aftonbladet that a third explosion ‘not excluded’.

    The Coast Guard is said to have discovered the leak on Tuesday afternoon, when it was in the affected area by boat and plane. It is not clear why the information was released two days later. According to a spokesman for the Swedish Maritime Service, the fourth leak was not visible on radar at first because it is smaller than the other leaks.

    Although the exact coordinates are not released, it is known that the leak is located between two already existing leaks, for which the Maritime Service had already issued a warning. Two of the four leaks are located in the Swedish economic zone.