Four years in prison demanded against accomplice gang brothers Wolvega from Groningen

On Monday morning, the Public Prosecution Service demanded four years in prison against a 32-year-old from Groningen, of which 18 months were suspended.

The man is said to have sifted, cut and pressed drugs in a warehouse in Wolvega. The narcotics were then smuggled to Norway.

The man is one of seventeen suspects in the Strauss case and the first of the accomplices of the three main suspects who had to answer to the court.

Years in prison demanded against main suspects

The main suspects, three brothers from Wolvega (27, 29 and 32 years old), heard demands against them three weeks ago for six, eight and ten years.

The other errand boys will appear in court this week.

The man is originally from Wolvega, but has changed his life since his arrest on December 1, 2020.

He has left his village and no longer maintains contact with his co-defendants.

Lawyer Geralt Pots found a sentence equivalent to four months in pre-trial detention sufficient.