Forza, located in Punavuori, Helsinki, has been selected for the list of the world’s 100 best pizzerias.

    Forza’s restaurateurs Luca and Salla-Maria Platania are happy about the recognition. Forza

    Luca and Salla-Maria Platanian the restaurant Forza he founded has received significant recognition. The Italian Top 50 pizza jury chose the world’s 100 best pizzerias, and Forza in Helsinki reached number 86 on the list.

    The title of the world’s best pizzeria is shared by Una Pizza Napoletana from New York and I Masanielli based in Caserta, Italy.

    It has not been possible to register for the competition, but in the competition anonymous inspectors go around pizzerias around the world like Michelin inspectors. Forza entered the Top 50 Pizza World competition, as it reached the top 25 restaurants in the European competition in the spring.

    Representatives of five pizzerias took the stage one at a time to pick up the award in Naples on September 7, 2022. Photo: Alessandra Farinelli

    – Success can be defined in many ways, and the most important thing is that customers like us. Such listings are just a nice addition. I believe that the customers have noticed, however, that you can experience something unique with us, because we really do not make compromises in the selection of products or the manufacturing process, Salla-Maria Platania tells

    Forza offers its customers both Neapolitan pizza made in a real wood-fired oven and Roman flat pizza. It is also possible to taste deep-fried pizza in the restaurant. Pizzas are topped with different olive oils.

    Each pizza is finished with its own olive oil and decorated with, among other things, flowers. Forza

    In addition, Forza also makes Roman maritozzo pastries, for each of which the company donates a euro to the Finnish Cancer Foundation. The charity target is important to the couple, as Luca Platania fell ill with cancer just before opening the restaurant. The cancer treatments are now over and the pizza master hopes to be able to return to work by the oven soon.

    – These recognitions feel really good, because we’ve had a tough year in many ways. It seems that at least on this front things are going well, says Salla-Maria Platania.