Trabzonspor Club President Ahmet Ağaoğlu said that they discussed the priority issue of pirated broadcasting at the 10-item agenda meeting. Trabzonspor Club President Ahmet Ağaoğlu informed the members of the press at the regular meeting of the Association of Clubs Foundation, and conveyed information about whether there is an agenda item regarding foreign referees.

    Ağaoğlu said that one of the agenda items was a foreign referee, and continued as follows:

    “But it would be more appropriate for the President of the Clubs Association to make the statement about that issue. There were about 10 agenda items. The only issue I can share, which took about 1.5 hours, is pirated broadcast. In other words, if we calculate it over 100 liras when a match is broadcast, only 15 lira goes to the clubs, and 85 is the money that comes out of the clubs’ coffers in the pirate broadcast market. In Belgium, there is no such thing as pirated broadcasting in these leagues, maybe 3 percent, maybe 5 percent. When we compare it 4 years ago, the broadcasting revenue, which was 500 million dollars, decreased to 115 million dollars, that is, a decrease in value by 80 percent. We share the opinion that one of the most important factors in ybet is pirated broadcasts. As of today, the most important factor in loss of revenue is pirated broadcasting.”

    Emphasizing that the society and the fans should be made aware of the pirated broadcast, Ağaoğlu said, “If we cannot prevent this, we cannot see 115 million dollars in 2 years if we do not prevent this, that a match watched as a pirate also costs 85 liras from the club’s revenue of 100 liras and inflicts serious financial losses on the clubs. . We started from 500 million dollars, we regressed to 115, we can’t find it either. Our studies show that this figure will decrease to 50-60 million dollars in 2 years. If we evaluate it from this perspective, Turkish football, which is already in an economic stalemate, is completely economically viable. it means that the meaning will come to an end, we are not talking about a forward-looking projection of 10-20 years here. very clearly stated the necessity of fighting the publication. We present it well.” used the phrases.

    Asked why there is much more pirated broadcasting in Turkey than in Europe, Ağaoğlu said, “It is possible to associate some of them with illegal betting. Because a significant part of the pirated broadcasting sites are sites that make illegal bets, they link there. Another is that the current laws in our country It is due to the fact that it is not sufficient. At the same time, there is a technological problem.” he said.

    Noting that the process of detecting the illegal broadcast and closing it by taking precautions by the prosecutor’s office took 80-81 minutes, and the match was almost over in this time, Ağaoğlu made the following assessment in response to the question of whether foreign referees would have a positive effect on football:

    “There is a study carried out by the federation about VAR referees. That is the topic on the agenda. More precisely, the issue that came to the agenda about foreign referees was opened here. I have always argued that the education level of referees should be increased. If there are referees who are unable to respond to that training, they will be out of the system. Of course, this is a process. It’s not today’s problem anyway. As a result of years of misapplication, the issue of referees has started to be discussed very seriously today. Considering that it is not an event from today, this was a long-standing event. The lack of good education, the very solid functioning of the torpedo institution It is not the problems encountered in promotions such as provincial, regional or national refereeing, starting from being a candidate referee until he comes to the elite category. Today, it has brought the institution to a debatable point at the highest level.”

    Stating that football will become normal if these problems are eliminated, Ağaoğlu said, “You are training football players and coaches, but if you cannot train referees, we have a problem. Football is global. You exchange players and coaches from abroad. Can’t you take referees and give referees? But when you look at the countries that give and receive referees, this is the case. “We see that there are countries that generally have serious problems with this issue. Frankly, I cannot stomach the fact that Turkey is in this category and that it is evaluated in the same category as other countries. We need to review the education system.” offered his opinion.

    Noting that a system should be established that will enable the referees, who have been trained since the candidate refereeing, to rise to the elite category without needing the help of any power, Ağaoğlu said, “This way, we will send referees to other countries with problems.” said.