The KNMI warns on Friday morning for dense fog banks in Brabant. Code yellow has therefore also been issued for our province and large parts of the country. The yellow code does not apply to the provinces of Flevoland, South Holland and Zeeland only. It will last until at least mid-morning.

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    According to Weeronline, visibility may be less than 200 meters in some places. KNMI also warns of dangerous driving conditions due to poor visibility and points out that fog can be treacherous because it can occur suddenly.

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    Fog lights
    The ANWB website states when you may use fog lamps. “That is only allowed in very dense fog, in other words when visibility is less than 50 meters, the rear fog light (pass) may be switched on. At the front, you can switch on fog lights when visibility is less than 200 meters.”

    According to Weeronline, visibility was less than 150 meters in many places last night.