The rapper Fler was sentenced to one year and four months probation and has to pay an additional 10,000 euros to a charitable institution. He was convicted by the Tiergarten District Court of assault, insult, threats, property damage and public incitement to commit crimes. The trial against him began on November 16.

    Patrick Losensky, as the rapper’s real name is, was found guilty in March 2021 of ten months of probation for insult. This time is included in his current conviction. Fler wrote about the verdict on Instagram: “So everyone happy? Let’s continue with the music.” In addition, he draws attention to his upcoming album TRENDSETTER 2 with #trendsetter2 and shared a picture of the “Mirror”-Article on his punishment.

    Fler was charged with attacking a television crew on Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm. They wanted to interview him because he insulted a woman on Instagram who drew attention to misogynist lyrics in rap. Comedian Shahak Shapira expressed solidarity with the woman and was then also insulted by the rapper. Fler also put a bounty of 2000 euros on his critic. In the future he would like to “avoid confrontations”, he explained at the beginning of the process.

    Fler only said at the beginning of the year why he didn’t want to make any more albums. He talked about getting more musical freedom by releasing an EP every quarter.

    On November 17, he announced his upcoming tour via Instagram. It will appear in a total of seven cities and begins on June 1st, 2023 in Zurich. Followed by Stuttgart, Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt am Main and Hamburg, where the tour ends on June 10th. Of the ticket sales has already started.