Flash words from Fenerbahçe Deputy Chairman Erol Bilecik to Galatasaray after the Hatayspor match!

Fenerbahçe Deputy Chairman Erol Bilecik made remarkable statements after the 4-0 Hatayspor win.

In his statement, Erol Bilecik stated that they deserved the victory. Erol Bilecik said, “Our team played excellent football. Maybe we won 4-0, but we completed it with a desire that deserves much more. We wish success to Hatayspor in their journey. We would like to express our gratitude to our football players and our community, including our teacher Jesus, who deserves great respect.” ” said.


Speaking about the red cards seen in a row in the last matches, Erol Bilecik said, “It is our 4th match and thank God we finished the match with 11 players. I leave the appreciation and comments to the sports authorities. There are 3 weeks until the end of the first half, but it was the last match of the year. We want to win all 3 of them. Our dear teacher made a very good summary about the cards. He said, ‘When the yellow and dark blue jerseys are on the players, the red cards come out very easily.’ I sincerely wish an administration.” used the phrases.


Finally, Bilecik, evaluating the upcoming Galatasaray derby, said, “Derbies are always exciting. We are excited for the Galatasaray derby, but we are not worried. We will host Galatasaray with great pleasure and I think we will bid farewell with the victory I believe we deserve.” said.