After the decision of the municipality of Tilburg that flash delivery service Flink on Korte Tuinstraat must disappear, the other dark stores (businesses aimed at online shopping) in the city are also under a magnifying glass. According to local residents, the Flink in the Westpoint and the Gorillas on the Piusplein also cause nuisance. The municipality indicates that it will enforce it in the event of nuisance and if a dark store does not fit into the zoning plan.

    There have been problems with the Flink branch on Korte Tuinstraat since January. The flash delivery person has established himself in a shop and that is causing considerable complaints among local residents. The supply of the dark store and the racing and hanging delivery guys in particular drive the neighborhood to despair.

    Enforcement Request
    Although the branch manager of Flink in the Korte Tuinstraat has really tried to reduce the nuisance, according to the neighborhood, it is still there. That is why residents have submitted a so-called enforcement request to the municipality. According to the zoning plan, only retail trade is allowed in the building: A physical store where you can buy stuff.

    Flink must therefore now leave the Korte Tuinstraat of the municipality. The neighbors see it as acknowledgment, but Flink doesn’t seem to worry much and can still submit an opinion, a spokesperson explains. “Different municipalities interpret our type of service differently. In Amersfoort, for example, such an explanation has ensured that the Flink location could remain open.”

    penalty payment
    Where a dark store in Amersfoort was allowed to remain open, the judge in Amsterdam closed a flash delivery service because the zoning plan was not met. In March, the Tilburg city council already put the establishment of new flash deliverers on pause. “In the corona time, these services have quickly become popular. We now have to make good policy and hope that it will be ready in the autumn,” says the municipality.

    west point
    For the association of owners of the Westpoint residential tower, Flink is an eyesore. A Flink branch has recently opened on the ground floor. “We are not happy with it and there is a lot of resistance. The regional manager is doing his best, but is unable to keep to his agreements,” says chairman Leo Pot.

    The residents of the Westpoint will also submit an enforcement request. “The municipality must draw a line. There are also no good facilities for loading and unloading here,” says Pot.

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