Flash Beşiktaş statement from Sinan Vardar! They won’t be in the new season

Mert Günok’s re-election to the National Team is a very correct decision. Mert’s backups; Ersin, Emre and the castle are in safe hands… In Beşiktaş’s infrastructure; Göktuğ, born in 2005, and Emir, born in 2006, are goalkeepers that I really like… Göktuğ and Emir have my eyes on you… They are both talented to be very good goalkeepers. If they work, they will wear the Beşiktaş jersey.


UEFA has finally supported Turkish football again. The league with the most debtor teams in Europe at the moment is our Super League! 4 big teams have 700 million dollars debt. Almost all of this debt is to banks. In summary, Turkish football is bankrupt. But ours is the league with the most transfers in the world at halftime! Especially Galatasaray makes incredible transfers. Will there be a transfer ban to Galatasaray by UEFA? Or are the revenues from Florya and Riva mortgaged and these transfers are made, I’m curious. I wanted to say, “May God give you an idea” and present the issue to the Turkish football public. Disaster bells are ringing in Turkish football. Same bowl, same bath! The mentality that consumes our football continues. TFF has no ‘click’ on this issue. It’s like they want this order to continue. Shame on you.