The F1 fever is also starting to flare up in IJmuiden: The first fans arrived today at camping de Duindoorn. They stay there all weekend and all choose their own way to get from the campsite to the circuit.

    Danielle Lubbers says that it was already busy at the campsite last summer. Yet this Formula 1 weekend remains special. About 100 groups arrive at the campsite on the same day. “People are starting to trickle in. Today the main part comes after dinner, but it will be very cozy anyway. Today we have 72 reservations and the last ones tomorrow, then it’s full.”

    A group of four friends left for IJmuiden today from the Achterhoek, and this is not the first time. “Last year we also had tickets but we were drawn. Then we were here in the same spot but we couldn’t go to the race. We did go.”

    Another group of F1 fanatics reveal how they will head to the circuit tomorrow. “If all goes well, we’ll take … maybe we shouldn’t say too much about that, otherwise everyone will go, of course. But: in principle we go by train. We have a few with us, who don’t like cycling very much .”

    The Achterhoekers are better prepared than last year, they say. “Electric bicycles. Last year we had regular bicycles with us, which was a bit disappointing for us through the dunes. We only looked at the distance, 18 kilometers, we can do that with a normal bicycle. This year we have the electric bicycle with us.”

    Goodie bags

    Danielle and her colleagues are going the extra mile this weekend to make sure the guests have a good time. “The guests will all receive a cycling route from us, with how they get to Zandvoort. We have a goodie bag, which they receive per reservation and we try to make people happy.”

    Finally, the camping guests have some tips for this weekend: “Drink a lot of beer, lubricate well and enjoy the competition!”