By Stephen Ferrari

    A fire broke out at night at the “Big Window” bathing area on Havelchaussee in Berlin-Grunewald!

    As the fire brigade announced on Saturday morning via Twitter, 4,000 square meters in Grunewald were on fire.

    The operation has been going on for six hours and the firefighting will continue even longer, the emergency services said at 7 a.m.

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    The water supply is secured via the fire boat.

    The operation ended around 9:30 a.m., a fire department spokesman said in the morning. Around 4000 square meters of forest floor would have burned. That sounds like a lot, but it is a relatively small area compared to other forest fires. But because the ground was very dry and there was a lot of dead wood, it wasn’t that easy. The fire brigade had to dig up embers with tools.

    Cause of fire still unclear

    “Please take the warnings seriously. The forests have dried up,” warned the fire department spokesman. “Please do not enter the forest away from the paths. No smoking, no grilling. And unfortunately there is always arson.”

    It was unclear what caused the fire at the site. The cause of the fire is determined by the police.

    Second use within a few days

    Until a few days ago, the fire at the blast site in Grunewald kept Berliners in suspense. The Avus had to be closed, and firefighters had to put out the fire under difficult conditions, since explosions massively affected the work.

    Aerial photos of the Berlin fire brigade show the heavy smoke development

    Aerial photos of the Berlin fire brigade show the heavy smoke development Photo: Berlin fire department/dpa

    The police stored around 30 tons of old grenades, World War II bombs, ammunition and confiscated fireworks on the blast site. The fire broke out a week ago on Thursday. Numerous explosions could be heard.

    Because of the dangers, the site could not be entered, so extinguishing it took a long time.