BZ editor Oliver Ohmann comments on the understaffing in Berlin's offices

    BZ editor Oliver Ohmann comments on the understaffing in Berlin’s offices Photo: picture alliance/dpa/BZ assembly

    By Oliver Ohmann

    Berlin’s offices can’t keep up with paying out urgently needed housing allowances. Processing time in Neuk├Âlln: up to 22 weeks!

    The CDU MP Hartmann is therefore calling on the Senate to significantly increase the number of staff in the responsible authorities.

    He’s right, because the most beautiful measures cannot be implemented with announcements and Sunday speeches. It takes people to ensure that an authority runs.

    Berlin has saved its authorities badly. Offices, police, fire brigade and schools are affected.

    Because elections can no longer be organized in Berlin, the election campaign begins again. Politicians from all parties will promise us more staff. They always do.

    The crazy thing about it: They don’t understand how popular it would be to simply implement this promise. Invest in people!


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