Angela de Jong has been appearing on television for months: her new favorite earrings. She also wears them in the photo accompanying her controversial column. But where are those earrings from?

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    The fans of Angela de Jong have already noticed: for a number of months, the opinion diva of the AD has a new pair of favorite earrings. She has already appeared in the studio with it everywhere: from Jinek to Op1 and from Today Inside to Good Morning Netherlands. Where did she get those earrings?

    ‘They come out of my box’

    Angela is extremely secretive when asked where those earrings come from. “From my own earring box”, she says in the AD Media podcast. “No, they are from a certain brand.”

    Television viewers want to know where Angela bought them. “The funny thing is: those earrings release quite a bit, because every time I get hundreds myself… Well, hundreds is exaggerated, but really a lot of questions like: where do they come from? And: where can I buy them? That’s what men ask me.”

    “I’m not saying which brand!”

    Angela herself does not want to say what brand her earrings are. “No. If people really want to know, just send me a message and I’ll let them know. I don’t necessarily have to mention that earring brand here, do I? In any case, I am not sponsored by anything, so I just buy them myself.”

    Extensive research by the research editors shows that it concerns the earrings Lynn Rond Multicolor from the LOTT brand. gioielli. They are for sale for an amount of 195 euros. “The round shape with colored Swarovski stones make these earrings the perfect colorful one finishing touch“, is the description in the webshop.

    TV revenue

    What does Angela pay for such pricey jewelry? At least not from TV revenues. “I have never been offered anything at Jinek, nor have I felt the need to ask for anything. I have never been offered anything at Op1 or felt the need to ask for anything. I don’t think it’s too much of a charge either.”

    And what about Today Inside? “VI pays a certain amount to its guests who sit there at the table. I don’t know at the bar, but they pay a hefty amount at the table. I always have them donate that to a good cause. Last season it was continuously Giro 555 for refugees from Ukraine and now it alternates between Heart Foundation and Alzheimer Foundation.”


    Angela’s earrings:

    She also wears them in her column photo: