Ferry Doedens’ theater tour is an extremely big failure. Hardly anyone comes to the performances in which he talks about his addictions and his adventures above the sink.

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    There are few celebrities as uninteresting as Ferry Doedens. The fallen soap star is just another star who is flirting with his alcohol and cocaine addiction. Still, he thinks he is interesting enough to tell his life story in theaters across the country. Ticket sales prove that he suffers from enormous self-esteem.

    Bad ticket sales

    Show news presenter Manuel Venderbos in the show section on SBS 6: “Ferry Doedens thought he could captivate the whole of the Netherlands with his real story in his theater performance Only Ferry, but that turns out to be a bit more difficult in practice.”

    Bart Ettekoven, the show expert on duty, states that ticket sales are a drama. Only the premiere was ‘sold out’ of the week. “The premiere hall was packed, eh, with all kinds of friends and invitees. All acquaintances of Ferry who were all curious about his big story, the story behind his addiction.”

    Show canceled

    If his circle of friends and family are not present to fill the room, Ferry suddenly has a lot more trouble. “I spoke to a number of people who were there and they were also like: I don’t know if this is going to be a very big success.”

    He continues: “Actually, it has already turned out that this is indeed a little disappointing, because the first performance in Roosendaal has been canceled due to disappointing ticket sales.”

    50 cards

    And that while Ferry’s halls aren’t exactly big. “He performs in small venues of about 200 people.”

    He performed in Sneek last night. “Only 50 tickets were sold for that. You can then ask yourself whether you should drive all the way to Friesland for only 50 people who want to listen to your story.”

    cry story

    Bart is not surprised that Ferry’s theater tour is a flop. “You can also wonder whether the Netherlands is perhaps a little tired of all those celebrities who want to tell a cry story in a five-episode documentary or in a theater show.”

    He points here to the Videoland series by André Hazes Jr. “We do see a lot of famous Dutch people at the moment who want to share their story about their drug addiction, alcohol addiction. It’s quite a lot, isn’t it?”