FC Bayern boss Kahn: The dismissal of the coach was “not a panic reaction”

Status: 03/25/2023 2:10 p.m

FC Bayern’s goals were in jeopardy: “We have a duty and a responsibility to ensure sporting success.” This is how CEO Oliver Kahn explained the separation from Julian Nagelsmann.

FC Bayern boss Oliver Kahn justified the separation from predecessor Julian Nagelsmann at a press conference in Munich before the official presentation of the new head coach Thomas Tuchel. “The last few days have been difficult for all of us,” said Kahn.

The “inexplicable weaknesses” of the Bayern team

Nagelsmann is “an excellent, a very good coach”. But that shows on the pitch and in the results was no longer the case. “The team is always able to set highlights, but also shows inexplicable weaknesses from time to time,” said Kahn. You looked at everything very carefully. The record champions could not be satisfied with the results and the partially shown performances of the second half of the season.

Bayern Munich has confirmed the dismissal of coach Julian Nagelsmann. It is now also official that Thomas Tuchel is taking over the reins.

FC Bayern’s claim is higher

“That’s not our claim,” said Kahn: “We have one of the best squads in Europe” and the goals are always the highest. That’s why you have to make unpopular decisions. “We have the duty and responsibility to ensure sporting success,” said the 53-year-old.

The constellation between the coach and the team no longer worked

The change of coach in the middle of the crucial phase of the season is “not a panic reaction,” explained the CEO. The decision to release Nagelsmann on Friday was “well thought out” and not a decision based on emotion.

Salihamidzic: “Not a popular decision”

“I know it’s not a popular decision,” emphasized sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic. The management felt compelled to act because of the constant fluctuations in performance because “the performance curve is constantly going down,” explained Salihamidzic. The constellation between coach and team no longer fit.

The dismissal of Julian Nagelsmann triggered a small earthquake in German football. FC Bayern not only loses a coach, but above all in credibility, according to BR reporter Dominik Vischer.

Thomas Tuchel was officially presented in Munich as the new coach of FC Bayern. The 49-year-old said that the request came as a surprise to him too and now wants to “play for every title”.

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03/25/2023 – 12:00 p.m