On the street, among the people dressed in orange, more and more farmers’ handkerchiefs can be seen. Markus de Ruiter has also tied one around his arm. He works at a calf fattening farm in the Krimpenerwaard and left at three o’clock this morning with Cor Gille, who has a dairy farm with 120 cows.

    But they were stopped at Rijswijk with their tractor. They are outraged about it. “We just wanted to go and have a look, we’re not aggressive or anything,” says Gille. De Ruiter says: “We want to stand where Alex comes by.” They believe that the “nitrogen decisions are made by people without reason” and that “citizens are reacting too cautiously”. Gille: “When farmers are gone, food becomes much more expensive. And abroad they do not have the quality requirements that we have here.”

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