Families hit each other two days in a row

From BZ/dpa

On Saturday they continued to beat each other easier!

There were several fights on Mehringplatz in Kreuzberg on Friday and Saturday – presumably between two families. Up to 30 people are said to have argued and fought in the square on Friday evening, the police announced on Saturday. A 33-year-old suffered a stab wound. According to witnesses, he initially clashed with several people on the square.

More and more members of both families are said to have arrived. A man is said to have shot into the air with a stun gun and threatened people. A fight broke out with around 20 people involved. An unknown person is said to have stabbed the 33-year-old in the back. He was taken to a hospital. Three other men were also injured by cuts.

The police identified an 18-year-old man who was allegedly involved in the dispute. Meanwhile, another argument broke out – this time with up to 30 people. Officers called for reinforcements to calm and disperse the crowd. It said it was being investigated for a particularly serious breach of the peace.

The reasons for the dispute are unclear. “We currently have no information that these are families from the clan milieu,” said a police spokesman on Sunday. A connection with the fight between 15 people on Tuesday evening in the Neukölln High Deck settlement cannot be established either.

On Saturday there was another fight on the square, as the police announced on Sunday. They are said to be members of the families who were said to have been involved in the fights on Friday. According to witnesses, around 20 men are said to have pursued around 15 young people on Mehringplatz on Saturday afternoon with metal rods, wooden slats and pepper spray. When the officers arrived, they fled.

According to the police, a quarter of an hour later there was an argument in the square involving almost 100 people, presumably members of both families. After mutual provocations between the leaders, a fight broke out with around 70 people involved.

The police called for backup and used restraints and irritants to calm the situation. Those involved in the fight fled, and no one identified themselves as injured.

In order to prevent further incidents, the officers want to increase their presence on Mehringplatz. It was said that another investigation was being carried out for a serious breach of the peace. According to the police, the situation on Mehringplatz initially remained calm on Sunday.