Exam fraud Kortrijk: student suspended after theft of questions

Exam fraud Kortrijk: student suspended after theft of questions

At the same time, they are also relieved that they discovered the incident just before the exams. The teachers have made new exams. The student concerned has been preventively suspended.

Management is “shocked & surprised”

“Disconcerted, surprised, how is that possible, how could that happen? People don’t understand it all. And yes, it is a small bomb that exploded,” says director Tuur Ottevaere.

In the Don Bosco college in Kortrijk they find it hard to believe. Most students have their nose in the books, but one sixth-year student saw a different way to pass the exams.

“We discovered a student who had a number of exams in his possession before those exams were handed out, of course. He had exams from all years. It was clear…he wasn’t ready for a test piece,” says the director.

“Student evaded security”

Thanks to an observant teacher and a USB stick, the student is finally exposed. “It came to light by a teacher who noticed that something had happened to his computer. We went to read that computer at the IT staff and then we noticed that a USB stick had been inserted repeatedly that was not belonged to him.”

The computers are nevertheless well protected, but the student in question appears to be able to handle them remarkably well.

“It was a, let’s say, computer specialist who managed to avoid it. In any case, we will see if we can secure the teachers’ computers even more.”

“Preventively suspended”

The student has since been provisionally suspended. The management informs the parents in an e-mail that the coming examination period will already run smoothly.

“We were lucky. We found out yesterday. Thursday’s exam was math, so it wasn’t spread. And the teachers have been kind enough to make new exams, so actually the evaluation period can be completely objective,” says de director.

Students who were given the exams in question will therefore have to dive into their courses in order to be able to submit a good report.