After the DWDD scandal, Evert Santegoeds hints at a similar drama at RTL. According to him, the investigation into this is in full swing, but the television channel says it knows nothing about it.

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    It is unprecedented what the Volkskrant revelations about Matthijs van Nieuwkerk and the toxic culture at De Wereld Draait Door have brought about. Even an influential A-star will simply be pushed off its pedestal in 2022, which means that no one can really feel safe in Hilversum anymore. Misconduct is severely punished.

    Scandal at RTL?

    Private boss Evert Santegoeds points out in his podcast Strictly Private note that after the Matthijs scandal many more reports are made to the Mores reporting point. “Not all about him, but also about various other programs and presenters, so there are definitely more.”

    The next scandal could just be about an RTL face, says Evert. “I also know someone at RTL who I believe is being investigated. We will undoubtedly be hearing more about that in the near future.”

    John warns

    At the same time, Johan Derksen warns that there should be no witch hunt. “Of course it loosened something, didn’t it? Now there are all people who still walk around with a little poison in their body and think: wait, now we can take revenge,” he says in the Today Inside of yesterday evening.

    He continues: “But I think it’s a bit of a dangerous and unhealthy situation, because it’s all becoming now… Of course you have to take a complaint seriously, but if a complaint comes years later then I already have my reservations. If it is also brought anonymously, I again have my reservations.”

    Witch hunt

    We shouldn’t go too far, says Johan. “It is now becoming a bit of a witch hunt after everyone. I do know that a few here do not sleep well at the Media Park.”

    Britt Dekker also hinted at this last week in RTL Boulevard: “Everyone in our world knows: the list of scenes like that is long. Yeah, you know, anybody can ask around a little bit in the business and we all know them, but it’s not for me to reveal those names, but plenty more to come.”


    That’s a good thing, says Britt. She mercilessly drops her former TV buddy Matthijs. “You can’t scream and make people sick. I now do top sport with George and that is also tough. They call it top sport all the time, but then you go for the gold medal together.”

    She continues: “And what Matthijs does is: he goes for the gold medal himself and he doesn’t care about the others and that’s not okay, so that’s why it’s not a top sport.”

    RTL responds

    Finally: what about Evert’s claim that someone from RTL is currently under investigation? “Nothing is known to us at the moment, but if we do receive a report, we will investigate it thoroughly,” says a spokesman for the channel.

    It is possible that a report has been made to the independent Mores reporting point, but, as RTL reports: “Mores never shares the reports with us unless this is the explicit wish of the reporters. “