The Euroterminal Emmen-Coevorden-Hardenberg is located just across the border at Coevorden, at Europark Coevorden-Emlichheim in Emlichheim, Germany. Scania now also gives this an extra boost. There will be a hall that can accommodate 7,500 pallets, and 3,000 square meters of extra storage space for other goods. This industrial estate is a collaboration between the municipality of Coevorden and the German municipality of Emlichheim.

    The track will continue into the new hall. This means that trains can always be loaded and unloaded, even in bad weather. “That also contributes to the attractiveness of the terminal in Coevorden for shippers and carriers, especially when it comes to vulnerable goods or products,” says Arjan Leemans.

    The fact that Scania will be supplying Meppel and Zwolle by train from next year is partly because the Swedish company wants to reduce CO2 emissions. Leemans: “We are gradually taking an increasingly critical look at which goods must necessarily be transported by road and which can just as easily be transported by rail. This has to do with the environment, with costs and also with the shortage on the driver’s market.”