Jose Luis Espertmade harsh disqualifications about the co-founder of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Hebe de Bonafini. After several deputies, such as Myriam Bregman (PTS) expressed emotional words of tribute, Espert differed from the “emotional speeches” that put Bonafini as a sort of “Human Rights hero”. “Are we going to honor the fraud? Are we going to honor corruption? Are we going to honor a person who has been a true dishonor to the Nation? Espert asked, before the voices that protested his words.

    Although the liberal economist clarified that “no death can be celebrated” and that he sent Bonafini’s relatives “his condolences”, he continued citing some controversial moments in Bonafini’s life, such as when he wished that the Pope Juan Pablo II “he will burn alive in hell”, shortly after his death, or like when he celebrated the blowing up of the Twin Towers.

    Likewise, he dedicated several words to the victims of “Shared Dreams”, the cause of the diversion of funds delivered by the State for the construction of social housing and that involved Bonafini, the lawyer Sergio Schoklender and the then Minister of Planning Julio de Vido.

    After Espert refused several requests to stop his speech, he withdrew from the venue, after which he received several signs of disapproval from people who did not agree with his views on Bonafini. However, on Twitter, the former Minister of Culture Pablo Avelluto He came out to support the deputy.

    “The National Congress is the place of representation for all citizens. If a deputy wants to demonstrate against a figure honored by the majority, he is within his right to do so, even when the majority thinks otherwise. Freedom of expression is for everyone,” said Avelluto in the bird network.

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