Erika Vikman bought a spacious home in the capital region – “This is the spring of changes”

Erika Vikman has bought her first apartment.

Erika Vikman is a Finnish singer and actress. Atte Kajova

Artist Erika Vikman, 30, has bought his first home. The semi-detached house is located in the capital region. Contacted by Iltalehti, Erika says that the apartment is the real apartment of her dreams.

– Now was my moment to get my first home and I am very happy about it, says Erika, contacted by Iltalehti.

– This is the spring of changes, and owning my own apartment is one of the best stages I’ve hoped for in my life. I can now pat myself on the back and think that some sensible decision has been made in this life.

According to Erika, the semi-detached house is a bit too spacious for one person.

– Then one day you can start a family there.

Erika had wanted her own apartment for a long time.

– I have been able to work steadily, so buying an apartment was possible. I wanted to buy an apartment that I really want. This is like that, Erika’s dream apartment.

Vikman’s most famous songs include, among others The table of sinners and Cicciolina. Vikman has created a career as a singer since he was a teenager and is today one of the most famous artists in Finland. In 2020, Vikman participated in the New Music Competition, where he finished second.

Vikman has dated the singer Danny. The couple divorced in 2020. Vikmanin and the singer Steep 69there have been relationship rumors recently, but neither party has confirmed the relationship.

Erika Vikman revealed to Iltalehte her karaoke prowess at the Emma gala.