Catherine Keyl attacks Gordon again, tongue sticking out in disgust

Catherine Keyl takes Gordon down again. She stuck her tongue out in disgust on the talk show HLF8 yesterday when it was about the singer’s love happiness. “He asks for it.”

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Around the turn of the year, Catherine Keyl went wild in a gossip magazine on a whole bunch of celebrities, including Gordon. The television diva indicated that she became ‘puke sick’ of these types and the singer did not thank her for that. Last month she said she regretted her verbal belch.

Catherine’s tongue

But what turns out? Now that Gordon has been asked to marry his new boyfriend and he is flaunting it on Instagram, Catherine takes him again. She was on the talk show yesterday HLF8 when presenter Johnny de Mol touched on the joyful news about the engagement.

Ronald Molendijk is the first to be asked for his opinion. He says, “Oh, man. Can you ask someone else?! It would be very good news if it stays quiet then. Look, I give love to everyone. But it’s exhausting having everything thrown out like that and every time this is the one.”

Catherine wholeheartedly agrees. She sticks out her tongue in disgust.


Ronald finishes his account: “Stick to the plan, I would say. That’s it a bit. This is him? I hope they will be super happy, but then it is also: tie it around and stop complaining.”

Then Catherine tells what bothers her so much. “Yes, I can only agree with this. At one point I said in a magazine that I was sick of all those stories from Gordon and then I immediately received an email from him that he thought it was really bad.”

She continues: “You couldn’t really say that, I thought, so then I made up for it in a column, but he does ask for it a bit, of course, doesn’t he?”

“Why on Insta?”

Heleen van Royen, who crawls out of Rachel Hazes’ bottom a few times a week to sit at the table at HLF8, then steps into the breach for Gordon. “We’re talking about it now, aren’t we? He puts it on his Instagram and everyone brings it. We all do that.”

Catherine: “That’s true, but then why is he putting it on Instagram? He just can’t do it, you know.”

Heleen: “Yes, of course he puts that on Instagram. He is going to marry.”

At the table with Beau?

Johnny then closes the discussion very unctuously by expressing his confidence in Gordon’s new sweetheart. “This is him, guys. I feel it. No, really, and I give it to him. Bet?”

Meanwhile, competing talk show host Beau van Erven Dorens hopes to get the two lovebirds to his TV table. He writes on the entertainer’s Instagram page: “Congratulations Gordon!! ? Will you come and introduce yourself to the Netherlands in my show soon?”


Gordon shares his love happiness: