Erik van Loon crashes in Dakar Rally prologue: ‘It’s just my fault’

Erik van Loon has a false start of the Dakar Rally. In the thirteen-kilometer prologue, the racing driver crashed in a corner. Fortunately, the driver from Eersel can continue the Dakar Rally.

The thirteen kilometer long prologue seemed very innocent, but it still went wrong for Erik van Loon. In a bend the car fell over and the vehicle of the Brabander had to be pulled up.

Van Loon said shortly after his crash that he had identified this corner as dangerous while reconnoitering yesterday and is therefore self-aware. “It’s Just My Fault”

He himself has minor complaints after his crash. “I suffered a little. I have some problems with my neck. I hope it won’t bother me so much tomorrow, but it’s a shame because I was in great shape.”

The driver from Eersel started the Dakar Rally full of ambition and wanted to finish in the top 5. But due to the crash, his backlog is already more than 6 minutes. Fortunately, the real stages are still to come and there is still plenty of opportunity for Van Loon.

Earlier in the day, things almost went wrong with the Trucks. A Czech truck braked too late and drove into the crowd. Miraculously, there were no injuries.