Ella Toivainen, a beauty known from reality television, published a sensitive Tiktok and pictures from her childhood.

    In addition to Big Brother, Ella has participated in Survivors. Jaakko Kahilaniemi / NELONEN

    Familiar from Big Brother and Survivors Ella Toivainen published an emotional video on Tiktok, in which he had added pictures of himself from his own childhood and youth.

    Karuselli’s first picture of him is as a schoolboy, when he smiles in the official school picture. In the following pictures, he is presumably starting to approach adulthood.

    The video shows how Toivainen has courageously continued his journey towards his own kind of life and corrected his gender, as well as modified his appearance to his liking.

    – The best feeling ever is to live honestly and openly as yourself, he enthuses.

    You can also watch Tiktok from here.

    The comment section was filled with comments admiring Toivai.

    – Ella, you are wonderful.

    – That is so true!

    Familiar from TV

    In autumn 2020, Toivainen participated in Big Brother and spent almost 60 days in the house. After participating in the program, he also participated in the fifth production season of Survivors in Finland.

    Toivainen has spoken openly about the plastic surgery procedures that have been performed on her in the summer of 2022. She had her nose reshaped in Turkey and had her breasts filled.

    Toivainen represented elegantly at the Creator Awards held at the beginning of June. In addition to reality fame, Toivainen makes content for social media and works in customer service tasks.

    You can watch the embed as well from here.