Ecuador committed 15 fouls in the victory over Qatar, many if we consider the clear dominance of the South Americans

    The World Cup started less than a week ago and it’s not easy to sum things up yet. One of the novelties, however, is the average playing time which has increased by 9 minutes compared to 2018 (97 vs 106). The considerable increase in recovery has increased the possibility of seeing more shots, more goals and above all more fouls in the match. Thanks to this maxi recovery, therefore, the chances of seeing Holland and Ecuador commit at least 27 fouls in the match increase.

    Ecuador have averaged 14.3 fouls per game in their last 18 meetings, the Netherlands only 9.7 per match. However, the first day of Qatar 2022 showed very high rhythms as well as a different competitive spirit, so as to induce the two national teams to make more fouls than their average, 13 Holland and 15 Ecuador. Another figure that could bring the match over 26.5 is the referee: Mustapha Ghorbal. In the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (the last refereed international competition) the Algerian whistle blower whistled an average of 43 fouls per game, not exactly one to let go. Over 26.5 fouls is quoted at 1.85 by NetBet, Sisal and Better.

    The match

    The second day of Qatar 2022 officially begins with Wales-Iran and continues from 14.00 with Qatar-Senegal and Holland-Ecuador in Group A. Challenge at the top for the Orange who, if successful, would be the first national team to access the round of 16, provided that the match between Qatar and Senegal ends in a draw. The Netherlands are favorites but Ecuador in the first match amazed everyone with their game and physical strength. Finally, the Orange could be the outsider for an eventual victory.