Economics Minister Claus Ruhe Madsen visiting Lübeck University of Applied Sciences

Madsen reminded of the enormous urgency of the issues if Germany wants to maintain its leading position as a leading industrial nation. The state government is therefore also supporting innovations to the best of its ability.

Our main goal is to bring the transfer between science, business and society in line with our regional innovation strategy and thus create a good start-up climate in the country,” said Madsen.

The President of the TH Lübeck, Dr. Muriel Helbig, said: “In our self-image as a transfer-oriented university, we take care of the solutions to technical, methodical and social issues that are intended to serve people and their immediate living environments. For example, it is about sustainability in construction, the efficient use of resources in the food industry or new technologies for saving energy – this knowledge should not remain at the university, but go directly into application”.

During the meeting, the Minister and the Presidency exchanged ideas on how universities and companies can work together even better to promote technology and knowledge transfer, increase the availability of qualified workers in the region and tackle climate change. Ways universities can play a bigger role in supporting start-ups were also discussed.

“In times of various global challenges, universities of applied sciences make a significant contribution both to preparing young people for their professional life and to putting scientific knowledge and innovations into practice,” summarizes Muriel Helbig.