Noa Vahle, the daughter of Linda de Mol, is brutally ignored by the men of the Dutch national team. “That girl Noa is going to Qatar for us and is not allowed to ask anyone anything!”

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    The program of the men of VI has been boycotted by the players of the Dutch national team for more than two years, namely since Johan Derksen made a joke about the discredited rapper Akwasi. The reporters of the program are also brutally ignored, even if you are Linda de Mol’s daughter.

    Noa ignored

    Noa Vahle, Linda’s daughter, has arranged a job in television through her mother. She can now be seen as a football reporter on SBS 6 and later this year she will travel to Qatar for Today Inside, where the World Cup will be played. But there she is not allowed to ask the men of Orange at all.

    VI star Wilfred Genee is really getting tired of it now. “The whole boycott of course makes no sense. That girl Noa is now going to Qatar for us and nobody is allowed to ask anything,” he says in Veronica Offside.

    “Childish, isn’t it?”

    Sports journalist Martijn Krabbendam sympathizes with Noa. “Yes, she was there yesterday too. I also asked: ‘Can you speak to all those players?’ She said: ‘No, no, I’m not allowed anything yet, only the national coach.’ Well, childish isn’t it?”

    Former national coach Dick Advocaat: “How long will this take?”

    Wilfred: “This has been going on since the Akwasi riot. That’s been two years. What would you say as a national coach?”

    Dick: “I experienced it once in America. Then they wouldn’t talk to VI. Then I said, ‘What you do is your responsibility. I am responsible for myself.’ I did it then, but she didn’t.”

    Van Gaal does

    National coach Louis van Gaal, a friend of the De Mol family, does speak to Noa. “Yes, Van Gaal does it too, but then you can really only ask two questions.”

    Dick: “Yes, but that applies to everyone, doesn’t it?’

    Wilfred: “Well, no, there are people who are allowed to conduct very in-depth interviews. Jeroen Stekelenburg never stops, he makes documentaries every now and then. But we may ask two questions. Hélène first and now Noa. What are we all doing now? As a coach, shouldn’t you at a given moment say: ‘Guys, don’t act like that, come on, what nonsense this is’?”

    Should KNVB intervene?

    Martijn: “As a KNVB you just have to say that. It’s done after all this time, isn’t it?”

    Dick: “I don’t know whether the KNVB decides that.”

    Martijn: “Well, eventually, right?”

    Wilfred: “Isn’t it the product you want to sell?!”